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The principal advantage of A Levels is the freedom of choice that they offer. Most students study three A Level subjects and provide two years of intensive study across those subjects. A Levels allow students considerable freedom to specialise in the subjects that really interest them and which are more closely related to the course that they might wish to study at university. Certain subject combinations, such as maths, further maths, combined with a science subject, are also more easily achieved through an A Level programme. A Levels also allow for the study of all three sciences or three arts and humanities subjects.

For students who are not yet sure about their future plans, A Levels still give the option of maintaining a breadth of subjects, such as studying a humanities subject, combined with maths, science or a language.

Ambassador International Academy will offer a range of A Level subjects and students will be guided in their choice of subjects to fulfill both the needs of university entrance and individual interests.

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