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Ambassador Group’s purpose is to nurture young minds and help students become responsible global citizens based on the foundation of quality education. The founders of the Ambassador Group have over seventeen years of education experience across the United Arab Emirates, GCC and India: through the Ambassador Schools in Dubai (rated very good) and The Princeton Review Middle East. Ambassador International Academy is a part of the diverse yet connected Ambassador Group of Schools, which share a unified commitment to Ambassador’s vision, mission and values.

Ambassador International Academy

Our students benefit from the best of international learning with the inquiry based International Baccalaureate integrated with the English National Curriculum, providing Ambassador International Academy students with the learning outcomes required to lead them onto success in secondary school and to become active and confident lifelong learners. Students start their journey in Pre-KG, where they follow the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum, building on our best practice and experience from our sister school, Ambassador Kindergarten (rated Very Good by DSIB). From there, students follow the IB PYP programmes integrated with the English National Curriculum until Grade 5.

Our Curriculums

Our curriculum ensures that students are equipped to be successful in their future studies and life beyond education. It is designed to ensure social, emotional and physical development, transforming children into confident, inquisitive and self-motivated learners. We have a truly diverse and international environment where students from across the world come to learn. Built on a robust and sustainable model of talented students, experienced teachers and pro-active parents, Ambassador International Academy provides a supportive and stimulating learning environment.

Ambassador International Academy, located in mid-town Al Khail, is easily accessible by residents of North (Old) and South (New) Dubai.

Mr. Anthony Wright

Ambassador International Academy

Principal's Message

Principal's Message

Welcome to Ambassador School

“Life is not about the number of breaths you take, it’s about the moments that take your breath away.”

Whether you believe this is a quote from Maya Angelou, or you heard it in the 2005 Will Smith movie, “Hitch” this is a phrase that I believe describes learning at Ambassador International Academy. It is in the moments that make us breath in sharply that we learn the most about who we are.

Providing all of our students with personalised learning opportunities which encourage them to grow successfully is what we as educators are passionate about. Our International Baccalaureate programmes prepare them with the social, communication and empathetic skills for a futuristic world beyond school. That world will be full of jobs and activities that we may not even know about today, but through our unique global community, our advanced approaches to learning and through our partnerships with parents we are confident of our students achieving great things.

Through the IB Learner Attributes and our Ambassador International Academy focus on personal development, together we will Inspire every single student to Inquire more passionately and Innovate their way to success.

Having worked in 8 different countries over the last 20 plus years, it is my honour to lead and collaborate with a team of dynamic, experienced and caring teachers and support staff from around the world, who each bring their own set of experiences, skills and a strong ethos of lifelong learning to Ambassador International Academy.

Whether you are a student or a parent, we all look forward to welcoming you to our school and working with you, preparing those entrusted to us for a wonderful, exciting future. I particularly look forward to meeting you in person and introducing you to our rich and diverse learning community.

The Governing Board is responsible for driving the strategic direction of the school. The dynamic and experienced board members review the progress of the school in all aspects, take decisions and plan strategic developments to improve the quality of education.

Our Vision, Mission & Values

Vision & Mission

Ambassador International Academy is dedicated to creating responsible universal citizens who will be bright leaders of the 21st century by laying a superior foundation through quality education.


Inspire our children to be passionate global lifelong learners through an enriched holistic international curriculum that encourages them to Inquire and Innovate while proactively contributing in meaningful ways to the world.


  • Accountable for children’s learning, overall Wellbeing and holistic development;
  • Maintain quality standards across the entire organisation;
  • Broaden the horizons of our children’s experience and knowledge;
  • Attend to the child’s individual learner potential;
  • Safe and collaborative learning community;
  • Sensitive to the needs of students of determination;
  • Adopt modern instructional strategies;
  • Documentation to make learning visible;
  • Outstanding teaching and commitment to research;
  • Relevant real world education aligned to the child’s life experience.


The Governing Board is responsible for driving the strategic direction of the school. The dynamic and experienced board members review the progress of the school in all aspects, take decisions and plan strategic developments to improve the quality of education.

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Governing Board Members

Mr. Hukumat Kalwani


Ambassador International Academy

Mr. Kamal Kalwani

Vice Chairman

Ambassador International Academy

Dr. Vandana Lulla

Board Member

Ambassador International Academy

Leadership Team


The school is designed to offer the best possible facilities encompassing academics, sport and play. The attention to detail is evident throughout and ensures that students have the very best of opportunities enabling them to excel in all aspects of school life.

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