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The British Early Years Framework (EYFS) is a set of standards for the learning, development and care of children up to the age of five.

Understanding the World

Children are enabled to develop an awareness of the natural and man-made environment. They learn to conduct simple investigations using inquiry skills and to develop an understanding and care for the natural world. Children are also encouraged to recognise and safely use some common forms of technology.

Expressive Art and Design

Children engage in activities encompassing visual arts, music, drama and dance and are supported to express their emotions and use their imaginations.

The EYFS curriculum has seven areas of learning which cover:

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

This area concentrates on supporting children to develop a sense of themselves and their surroundings, to interact cooperatively with others and to recognise personal strengths and interests and to talk about them. Children’s emotional well-being will be supported to help them understand and manage their feelings and behaviour.

Communication and Language Development

Children are helped to develop competence in listening and understanding as well as speaking and communicating. Children are encouraged to listen to stories and respond to what they have heard with relevant comments, questions or actions. They learn how to answer ‘how’ and why’ questions and to develop their own narratives and explanations.

Physical Development

Children are helped to understand the importance of good health and physical exercise and healthy living practices. They are given the chance to manage their own basic hygiene and personal needs successfully. Children will learn how show good control and coordination in large and small movements and advance towards moving confidently in a range of ways, safely negotiating space.


This area focuses on the skills needed for reading and writing.


This area focuses on the skills and understanding needed for numeracy, helping children develop an understanding of numbers, measurements, shapes and patterns.

In the EYFS, play is a very important part of children’s development and most learning will be introduced through a mixture of carefully planned opportunities for play and some adult-led focused activities. There are also opportunities for children to choose activities that particularly appeal to them. Play supports and strengthens all learning and development for young children.

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